When a one trick voice THIS GOOD is exactly what you need.

Rugged, Reliable, and Relaxing - Like your favorite pair of Cowboy Boots.

J. Rodney Turner Voiceover. When a one trick voice THIS GOOD is exactly what you need.
J. Rodney Turner Voiceover. Rugged, Reliable, and Relaxing - Like your favorite pair of Cowboy Boots.

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I absolutely love when a story (Hail Storme) and a narrator are perfectly aligned. That is definitely this listen!  This is my first J Rodney Turner listen but in no way will it be my last. His narration was perfection on a stick! I loved his dark and booming delivery and since I listen with ear buds most of the time, his is a voice I wanted constantly in my ears
– Audible Listener

“Howdy, J Rodney !  You did an incredible job narrating FEAR! You nailed it, hoss.  So glad to have you as one of my regular audiobook narrators – And you’re a fellow Tennessean to boot.  Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with this one… my most popular novel.  Many Happy Nightmares”
– Ronald Kelly, Author, FEAR

In this audio story collection, (Vintage Love Stories) the characters’ relationships range from developing love to instant attraction. All but one of the stories is narrated by a single voice, Each exudes a charm of its own, tugging at your attention and passions. The final, unforgettable, story, “She Screams,” is performed by J. Rodney Turner, whose deep voice croons like that of an enthralled lover reciting poetry. These love stories, with themes as old as time, are worth listening to again and again.
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J. Rodney Turner should be a default phone call for any publisher wanting a narrator for a western. His bass voice is perfect for this genre: low, slow, and soothing. I have no doubt Mr. Turner used that voice to his advantage many times with the ladies in his life. He is without question the Barry White of audiobook narrators. I detected no technical mistakes at all. The performance was flawless. Kudos, Mr. Turner. You deserve more than you’ve received and I hope your narrator career goes far.
– Audible Listener

Coming Soon:

“The Mountain Man” Series continues with upcoming titles, including book #14, Cunning of the Mountain Man, and book #15, Power of the Mountain Man – both to be released before the end of 2020 – and in 2021 you can expect more from Smoke Jensen in this series.

In early 2021, the popular new “Red Ryan” Series continues with “A Quiet Little Town”. Number 4 in this series which follows #3, “Bullet For a Stranger” which was released in August of 2020.

Book 2 in the “Have Brides, Will Travel” Series, the Shotgun Wedding will begin production in December of 2020 and should be released in early 2021.

I’m privileged to produce the Terrence McCauley authored “Sheriff Aaron Mackey” Series through Tantor Audio. #3 in this series, “Get Out of Town” was released in August of 2020 and #4, Dark Sunrise is set to begin production in late September with an early 2021 proposed release date .

I continue to work with independent authors and publishers and a popular series from Brash Books and author W. L. Ripley, “The Wyatt Storme Thrillers” has become one of my favorites – the first in this series “Hail Storme” was released in 2017 and #2, “Storme Front” was released in July of 2020. $3, “Eye of the Storme” and #4, “Storme Warning” should be released in the Fall of 2020, with #5, “Thunder Storme” set for production in October with a proposed release before Thanksgiving 2020.

More of the “Marshal John Whicher” series from John Stonehouse is set for production in late 2020 and early 2021 with numbers 3 though 5 in the series – Wildburn; An American Bullet and An American King.

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